Blo Blow Dry Bar

My dear friend Jean Camilletti owns 4 Blo locations. She was one of the first people to collab with me when i started blogging. When i asked her if she could carry my flower halos, it wasn’t even a second thought for her. She stocked my flower halos and cat ears in all of her locations the very next day. She also got in touch with BLO corporate to stock my crowns in the other franchise locations. Every single photoshoot, event, even my wedding – Jean has set up glam for me and my friends! Please please buy a gift card to use when they are back open. Even more amazing – When you purchase a gift card of $50 or more, BLO will donate a blow out to a local healthcare worker when they are back open!

BLO 49th Street NYC: Purchase a gift card

BLO Murray Hill NYC: Purchase a gift card

BLO Glen Cove Road Long Island: Purchase a gift card

BLO West Hartford Connecticut: Purchase a gift card

BLO gift cards never expire and you can use your gift card at ANY of 100 BLO locations anywhere in the country!